Ivan Loubier-Cote - Ivan's Truffles

Gaynor of Pitch Assist is very calm and approachable and made me feel at ease. I left our meeting with a much clearer direction. I have and will continue to recommend her service.

Joyce McMenamon - Fresh Eath Products (Speedibin Composters).

Gaynor at Pitch Assist was just what I needed to improve my pitch. She has leadership-level speaking and listening skills and she also has the perspective to offer practical tips to improve a presentation. After just one session with Gaynor, I felt more assured in my pitch. Highly recommended!

James Flawith - Lil Worker Safety Gear (Appeared on Dragons Den).

I found Gaynor's input helpful. After months of rehearsal and practising, the changes she suggested made sense and have remained in my pitch to date. I found her personable, engaged and compassionate. I felt that she was truly interested in helping me progress and improve my pitch. I would recommend her to any individual looking to pitch or who is making a presentation to a large audience.

Sean Murphy

Gaynor helped me with the eulogy for my mother who recently passed away. Her perceptive insights allowed me to create a fuller and better tribute at my mothers's memorial. Your help was invaluable Gaynor. Thank you so much!

Ron Pogue - Pogue Photography

Gaynor helped me overcome my self doubt and meeting with her was the catalyst for the success of my presentation. Gaynor helped to turn it around by focusing me on my personal story, the only one I can tell with certainty. I found her very professional and approachable and I would certainly recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Natalee Rhodes - Generations Laser

I reached out to Pitch Assist when I needed help in preparing for my Pitch for 'BizOnDeck'. I felt reassured, comfortable & confident after our meeting. Her knowledge is evident. She had so many insights which helped me.

Danielle Farrant - Blushing Bluebird Essentials.

Gaynor helped me refine my pitch and gave me loads of tips for eloquent and successful delivery. I felt confident and well prepared and pulled it off.